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Full Version: Police Incidents and Discussions
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Police Incidents and Discussions


  1. Police kill unarmed Daniel Shaver in Hotel hallway (0 Replies)
  2. Florida man jailed for 90 days when drywall powder is mistaken for cocaine (0 Replies)
  3. Cop shoots and kills Minnesota man over broken tail light stop (3 Replies)
  4. Georgia Police say they are better at detecting drugs than drug tests (3 Replies)
  5. Tulsa Police woman shoots and kills unarmed black motorist (6 Replies)
  6. Woman fatally shot by Florida police officer during gun demonstration (5 Replies)
  7. 5 Oklahoma Cops choke unarmed man to death (1 Reply)
  8. Fresno police shoot and kill unarmed 19 yr old on the ground (2 Replies)
  9. 12 Dallas cops shot, 5 killed during Police protest (2 Replies)
  10. Two Baton Rouge Cops shoot and kill man over CD sales (2 Replies)
  11. Florida Cop executes family dog (56 Replies)
  12. New Jersey Cop brake checks motorist then issues him 3 tickets (6 Replies)
  13. White Chicago Cop shoots black teen 16 times (26 Replies)
  14. Charges dropped against Long Island NY student arrested while taping police (1 Reply)
  15. Two Alameda cops beat suspect repeatedly in the head during arrest (7 Replies)
  16. Long Island Police beat woman for parking on wrong side of the street (1 Reply)
  17. Protests erupt after black man in handcuffs shot by police in Minneapolis (1 Reply)
  18. Virginia man dies after 20 tasings by police (1 Reply)
  19. Police shoot 6 yr old 6 times in the head serving warrant to father (15 Replies)
  20. Lesbian Couple Files Lawsuit After Hawaii Cop Arrested Them For Kissing (6 Replies)
  21. South Carolina cop violently arrests 10th grade girl for using cell phone in class (15 Replies)
  22. South Carolina Cop Issues Thank You Letter to Mom Instead of Speeding Ticket (1 Reply)
  23. Plain clothes Florida cop executes Black Church Drummer on I-95 (25 Replies)
  24. Black College Student Brutally Beaten By Police Officers In D.C. (1 Reply)
  25. Indiana Trooper accuses woman of using meth based on having bad teeth (1 Reply)
  26. Michigan man jailed for 30 days over $772 traffic fine dies on 17th day (7 Replies)
  27. Seattle officer who arrested black man carrying golf club as a cane fired (2 Replies)
  28. 9th-Grader arrested After Homemade Clock Mistaken For Bomb in school (4 Replies)
  29. Proof Of White Disprivilege (9 Replies)
  30. 2 Texas Officers gun down unarmed man with hands up (1 Reply)
  31. Manhunt after cop killed in Chicago traffic stop (0 Replies)
  32. Atlanta Police raid wrong home, kill dog and shoot another Officer (1 Reply)
  33. Another Deputy ambushed and executed from behind... while he was just pumping gas (0 Replies)
  34. Ohio Cop Pulls Over Black Man Who 'Made Direct Eye Contact' With Him (7 Replies)
  35. Florida cop harasses veteran with disabled plackard because he can walk (1 Reply)
  36. Unarmed White Teenager Gunned Down By Cop In Drug Sting (1 Reply)
  37. Texas Officer guns down unarmed teenager at car dealership (1 Reply)
  38. New Police sub forum (3 Replies)
  39. Texas woman cavity searched roadside during traffic stop (2 Replies)