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Full Version: Tinfoilhat Sweeny Flushes His Credibility Down The Toilet Again
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Quote:Tim Sweeney is at it again, this time calling out Microsoft on Twitter for its rumored upcoming Windows 10 Cloud SKU. The new OS will be similar to Windows RT, in that it will run UWP that are installed from the Store. Of course, these are still early reports, as it's not entirely clear that Microsoft won't allow users to sideload apps as well.
No, it's not OK. Microsoft is a monopoly with a large majority of PC OS market share, and is barred from forced "tying" by antitrust law.
Of course, Valve is exempt from this since they are still bundling Steam with SteamOS, but the FTC doesn't care about Valve or is in Valve's pocket, as proven by the fact that they still won't go after Valve for Steam Early Access prohibiting competition on price and blatantly violating the Sherman Antitrust Act.
This guy sums it up so well:
Quote:How many times have these nuts screamed about stuff that is not only inaccurate, but as time has demonstrated was completely based on nothing?

...We have heard how Windows Vista GPU multi-tasking technologies were designed to hurt these goofs.

...We have heard how DX10 was designed to hurt game developers, even though it now is the basis of all gaming engine technology works. (Which is also based on the Xbox 360 GPU and it changed the entire architecture of GPUs for the better.)

...We have heard how the Windows Store was designed to ruin Steam and other software distributors, yet these companies have only continue to grow with ZERO restrictions to how they do business. (They never even used the Store to list their products, even though under Windows 8, Microsoft let ANYONE list ANY PIECE of software even if wasn't a Store App.)


Stop giving these idiots your attention and stop buying their stuff.

Microsoft has NO NEED to harm STEAM of all freaking things. They don't even consider it a 'competitor'. IRONICALLY, Microsoft has a better partnership with SONY, which is a direct competitor in the Console market.

Lookup what has happened with DX12 and GPU tech in the last three years, with Microsoft giving SONY and the community as a whole access to base line GPU and gaming technologies to shove the progress of gaming forward.

(Which in giving developers and Sony access to key technologies in use on the XB1 and in Win10, developers are finally able to properly use the GPU/CPU hardware available when developing cross platform titles without having to design to older GPU 3D gaming models.)

These advancements with the XB1, DX12, Win10 are at the core of the future of gaming whether users get it or not.

Just like with what happened with the XB360 and developers not having a clue about the 32MB CACHE and DMA controller changes and how to use a Universal Shader. Once they 'got it', the entire gaming and GPU industry changed for the better.

Just to reinforce how important the same shift was with the XB360 technologies, things like OpenCL and CUDA 2.0 and Mantle and even OpenGL 4.x depend on the XB360 GPU and DX11 technologies being present in hardware and at the driver level.

PS... Invoking the election - really? Microsoft protested Trump and the RNC.

To have perspective, even with the monopoly ruling against Microsoft, they have remained the top tech company to lobby for more legal protections for consumers from the government and from other companies. (Something any journalist can look up in a few minutes.)

To say anything Microsoft is doing is based on the election is crazy, as it is the exact opposite of their positions and what they have been doing for the past 20 years.

What a freaking GOOF.
Sweeney already proven wrong:
And you can upgrade it to Windows 10 Pro: