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Full Version: Userbenchmark Revises Scoring
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Quote:Update, 7/28/29, 11:00 a.m PT: Userbenchmark has seemingly changed course from its previous statements, which have been almost entirely removed from its FAQ. That section of the FAQ is now replaced by a related section on the criticism Userbenchmark received and what will happen moving forward. The overall message isn't totally different, but Userbenchmark is changing its weighting very soon.
Quote:"Following the July 2019 cohort of new CPUs, we noticed that our CPU gaming and desktop indices were overestimating all CPUs with core counts beyond 8 so we updated the index. We estimate that our updated index, is now accurate to around 8% over the entire spectrum of 8500+ CPUs. There was an uproar from certain online communities with accusations of bias. Here are some of the actual outcomes arising from the latest update: The Ryzen 3000 effective speed ranks were impacted as follows: 3900X -2, 3800X +7, 3600X +14, 3600 +13. On the other hand the AMD Threadripper CPUs were demoted and the new top spot for gaming was taken by the Intel 9900K, up from its previous rank of 7."
Userbenchmark still stands by its changes, but does acknowledge the criticism and said "We frequently tune our effective speed indices and expect to add an octa-core component to the index in due course. Replacing our 64 core weight of 2% would be equivalent to, up to a maximum weight of 16% on an octa-core component." That will better reflect the performance gains associated with eight-core CPUs. The company also removed its strongly-worded warning about an "organized army of shills."