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  Next Xbox Reportedly Will Have 2 Versions
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 07-24-2018, 07:42 AM - Forum: Xbox One - No Replies


Quote:At E3 this year, Xbox chief Phil Spencer confirmed that Microsoft is indeed working on a new generation of Xbox consoles, in case there was any doubt in your mind. Since then, we've learned that the new consoles are codenamed Scarlett, and that they'll arrive in 2020.

According to a report from Thurrott.com today though, there will be two separate next-gen consoles. One will be similar to gaming consoles that we see today in terms of functionality, but the other will be dedicated to streaming games.

Called Scarlett Cloud at this time, the service will stream games with a limited portion of it running locally, helping to cut down on latency. As Thurrott puts it, the games are running in two places at once, and uses "Microsoft's cloud to stitch it all together". The report says that there would also be less latency if the game runs off of Azure, since it would be physically closer to the multiplayer server.

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  HDR Performance Issues
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 07-23-2018, 10:17 PM - Forum: Video - Replies (1)


Quote:Both graphics cards lose a bit of headroom when moving to HDR, but the Radeon Vega 64 is in far better shape overall. In fact, the impact of gaming in HDR is significant enough on the whole to flip the performance metrics, with AMD outperforming Nvidia by a full 10 percent. Given that the gap between the two cards typically favors Nvidia, the jump is significant.

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  Windows 10 Adoption Has Possibly Stalled
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 07-20-2018, 08:49 AM - Forum: Software & Programming - No Replies


Quote:We first heard that Windows 10 is on nearly 700 million devices back in March, in former Windows chief Terry Myerson's farewell letter. Microsoft almost said it was over 700 million at Build, and then rolled it back. In June, the company actually did announce that Windows 10 is on over 700 million devices, and later said that was an accident. In short, this is a mess.

But what's even more curious about this is what Microsoft actually means by "nearly". After all, we've been at nearly 700 million devices for almost four months, so growth of the OS install base is either completely stagnant, or Microsoft has been very loose with the word "nearly".
Unfortunately, Microsoft isn't very transparent about these types of things. It's not like we can go and check how many active devices are actually running Windows 10, so we'll just have to wait for a formal announcement when it happens, and hope the company doesn't roll back that announcement.

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  More Than 2/3rds Of Ubisoft's Sales Are Console Sales
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 07-19-2018, 09:33 AM - Forum: Gaming - No Replies

In the Q1 2017/18 column, the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and 7th gen consoles add up to 69% of sales.

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  Article Calling For Serious Study Of UFOs
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 07-14-2018, 02:31 AM - Forum: Anything Alien - Replies (1)

It's a great read, and I'm sure Dave will be interested.

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  Germany Bans Vague Dates From Marketing
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 07-13-2018, 04:27 AM - Forum: News & Politics - No Replies


Quote:Vague dates like "coming soon" or "shipping soon" to lure pre-orders is outlawed in Germany, after a Munich Regional High Court ruling, in which a litigant took reseller MediaMarkt to court over excessive delivery delays. For any retailer to sell a pre-order for a commodity or a digital software license (i.e. take payment before product launch date), the reseller must specify the exact date of on which the product will be delivered. In other words, the onus is on the reseller to specify when a buyer will have the product or digital license in their possession, before making the sale, and ensure that the product reaches the consumer on or before the specified date.

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  Valve Leaks Incomplete Data On Player Count Per Game
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 07-12-2018, 03:17 AM - Forum: Gaming - No Replies


Quote:Because this data is derived directly from Steam's API for each game, it ends up much more precise than the old Steam Gauge/Steam Spy estimation methods, which relied on random sampling of a small portion of the Steam player base. But this method only works for games with developer-defined Achievements, so it covers about 13,000 of the roughly 23,000 games now on Steam.

It's not exactly clear how Valve defines this "Achievement denominator," which approaches but doesn't precisely match up with the "players" statistics provided to individual developers. The new data also gives no indication of how many people own the game without having played it. And, in very rare cases, this method could come up with a denominator that's off by a factor of two, thanks to common factors (though this chance becomes vanishingly small in games with more than a few Achievements).

By July 4, Valve updated its Steam API to provide much less precision in its Achievement percentages, cutting off this new data source altogether. That move comes just months after Valve started protecting individual Steam usage data by default, cutting off the previous estimation method used by Steam Gauge and Steam Spy. Valve Head of Business Development Jan-Peter Ewert said the company is currently working on a "more accurate" way for users and developers to "get data out of Steam," though apparently this kind of Achievement-derived data set wasn't what he had in mind.

Quote:The more that the list is pored over, the more interesting tidbits can be found. Is it sad that Half-Life 2 peaked at 8.8 million, when a game based on its engine, Garry’s Mod, enjoyed 18.5 million? And we wonder why we haven’t seen a Half-Life 3? Both Portal titles have had more players than Half-Life 2: 12% more played Portal, and 48% more played Portal 2.

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  $225 Fee to file a complaint with FCC
Posted by: dmcowen674 - 07-11-2018, 10:53 PM - Forum: News & Politics - Replies (3)


Ajit Pai's FCC Doesn't Want to Hear Your Complaints Unless You Pay Them $225

Ajit Pai and the Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission successfully rolled back Barack Obama-era net neutrality guidelines earlier this year, but they’re not done screwing with consumers yet. 

Per the Verge, Democratic Sens. Frank Pallone and Mike Doyle of the House Energy & Commerce Committee have penned a letter to Pai saying they are “deeply concerned” with the proposed rules change, which would allow the FCC to route free informal complaints directly to service providers’ customer service departments without being viewed by FCC staff. (The FCC says this is “streamlining” the process.) A separate, formal complaint system that is routed to FCC employees would remain in place, but it costs $225 to use.

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  Intel Is Not Ending Extreme Edition CPUs
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 07-11-2018, 02:24 AM - Forum: General Hardware - No Replies


Quote:For its part, however, Intel suggests the Extreme Edition brand is here to stay. I asked the company whether it had any plans to retire the moniker, and an Intel spokesperson provided me with the following statement:
Quote:There is no change to the branding of the Intel Core Extreme Edition processor and Intel Core X-series processor family.

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  Trump may disclose Alien contact with Earth while in England
Posted by: dmcowen674 - 07-07-2018, 08:07 AM - Forum: Anything Alien - No Replies


Obama and the UK released millions of previously classifieds documents on UFO's to brace the planet for joint revelation.

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