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  Nvidia Gets To Work On DirectX 12 Optimization
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 03-02-2017, 02:23 AM - Forum: Video - No Replies


Quote:Nvidia is now working on a new Geforce driver which is designed specifically with DirectX 12 in mind, offering up to 16% performance gains across a range of DirectX 12 gaming titles.

To create this driver Nvidia has been working with the developers of a wide range of DirectX 12 titles like Ashes of the Singularity, Gears of War 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Tom Clancy's The Division in order to refine their driver's codebase to make the best use of this new API. These changes should affect all DirectX 12 games moving forward, allowing users of Nvidia GPU to achieve higher performance levels with this new API than previously.

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  Time for new Bedroom TV(4K OLED gushing)
Posted by: BenSkywalker - 02-28-2017, 11:51 AM - Forum: Video - Replies (1)

Ok, GStan, Sick, just ignore the pricing OK Wink


So I was planning on picking up a new TV for the bedroom anyway and while looking I couldn't help but notice the prices on OLEDs had absolutely plummeted. I went with the 55" because this is a bedroom TV and I went with the 'E' for a couple of different reasons. I wanted to try out 3D on an OLED. Gaining proper depth perception off of a 2D display is significantly hampered with lower levels of contrast, also shutter glasses give me a migraine in about five minutes- this TV has passive 3D. The 'C' Version also has passive 3D, and lists for considerably less then the "E", but that is a curved display and well, meh. 

With all of that said, the normal $800 price difference between the C and E would have had me picking up a C more then likely, but I found a hell of deal(right place, right time) so I got the E for under two(sorry, talking about a few hundred dollar difference between an OLED and a LCD- that aint a fair fight).

Couple of quick gripes- I'm buying what is, as far as I have read, unanimously the best 55" TV in the world and no backlit remote? I know, stupid little thing, but really?

TruMotion- OK, this drives me nuts- you have to disable it in each individual display mode. Each of your normal modes, then each of the 4K modes, then each of the HDR modes- the only mode where it is always off is Gaming. I know, nit picking, but if you are dropping list price on this TV, you probably don't want that crap messing up your images. 

Third, kind of sort of issue- I'm going to say this TV has gone beyond the realm of coolness with how thin it is to 'how the hell am I supposed to move this thing?'. The top 3/4s of the screen is about half the thickness of my phone. It's seriously just a piece of glass. Now, since I have it all set up, it looks cool as hell and wows everyone that sees it, but damn is moving that thing a PITA.

Ok, so, picture quality.......(my apologies for my language Beast) Holy Fuck!

Utterly amazing, seriously. Nose to the TV still not pixelated- 33 Million sub pixels(RGBW) each one of them emissive on their own, seriously this is the *only* time where after I've spent a dozen hours I'm just not imagining wanting to upgrade- I can't think of why I would. Now I'm sure after years I'll find something that bothers me about it, but in terms of picture quality- just damn- jaw dropping.

This doesn't just pertain to 4K HDR content, although...... WOW...... straight plain old Blu Rays come to life in ways I've never seen before. The detail, the contrast, the shear quality of the display has almost everyone assuming that I popped in a super high def source when I'm just playing a plain old BRD. 

Another point I want to bring up- brightness. So I literally am a basement dweller. People who have known me a long time know that I work third shift(I'm pretty anti social) so my entire basement is finished and my wife and I have our bedroom underground. I was expecting that based on everything I had read that OLEDs didn't get that bright and I was OK with that because of the environment it was in. I was wrong that it wouldn't be an issue out of the box, but not for the reason people would lead you to believe, this thing gets WAY brighter then the LCD it replaced, by a rather staggering margin with HDR content(but even with plain old HD). Now, I understand that the latest and greatest LCDs get brighter still, but I'm left wondering what is the point if it literally hurts your eyes?

Gaming- latency on this is comparable to my Vizio that is upstairs(bought *because* of its' great latency), no it isn't equal, but it is certainly in the ballpark. Something with the image processing is going on, OLEDs have zero response time(well, you know what I mean) while the Vizio still clocks in at almost 20ms, the OLED is a bit higher, but not too much, certainly nothing like the ~100ms we were seeing a couple of years ago. I have Shield TV hooked up to this and have been playing around getting games to run @4K- the ones I've gotten to work are pretty choppy(still rocking a 780GHZ) but utterly gorgeous. Infinite contrast ratio helps a ton. Quadrupling pixel density helps a ton. Absolutely zero blurring helps a lot. Add them all together- utterly amazing. Right now I have Shield and the BoneS hooked up to this, have to bring one of my PS4s downstairs and give it a whirl to see how it goes. For the record, XBoneS video output is stellar when pushing 4K HDR content, they still *REALLY* need to fix the audio situation, but no knock on their video handling.

3D- Yes, a gimmick the industry was pushing. I understand, and I get it. I own what was a very pricey nVidia 3D monitor that I have ever used the function of exactly zero times. Shutter glasses suck, and it was a cheap ass approach that was far too cumbersome to be worth the literal headache it would give you. This TV uses passive 3D- the screen itself has polarization built in and it comes with a pair of glasses to which I added another four pairs for a whopping $12. Brought my younger kids down to watch Coraline in 3D- great kinda creepy movie for those of you with pre teen kids btw, my wife was sitting at her computer, turned around to see if the TV worked at that angle(pretty far off to the side) and ended up entranced and watched the whole thing forgetting what she was doing. Mind you, this is a movie I have owned for many years, and we had the old school "3D" version with the paper red/blue glasses, this was an entirely different level. One potential issue- while the side to side viewing angle is stupid wide, the vertical range isn't nearly as forgiving. If you were to mount this higher up on a wall and view it laying down, it would be pretty bad.

4K- Easiest portion to cover. 400% increase in pixels good, small amount of content bad(although getting much better). 

HDR- So this is an area that is really showing to have some *major* benefits. Did you guys know that the standard TV color spectrum can not display Ferrari Red? There are a ton of other examples I could use, but quite simply the wider color gamut is absolutely amazing, and something you don't really notice until you are watching say, a fire truck drive by mastered in HDR and it's actually the right color. Yeah, everyone talks about doing super bright with HDR, I don't find that particularly compelling, the wider color foot print offered is a god send though. 

'Smart TV' functionality- Well, everyone raves about it, and it is cool(the remote kinda works like a Wii Mote but without using a light sensor bar)- has all the big apps and it is very responsive- far moreso then the XBone, but not quite as quick as the Shield. Not knocking it, it is the best I've ever used for built in to the TV functionality, it just isn't something I'm likely to use.

Sound- So this TV has a Harmon Kardon sound bar built into it. I will say I spent close to a half hour with it on before I shut it off, that is a record by a factor of about thirty over every other TV I've had. My sound system costs a lot more then this TV, and the sound bar really is *by far* the best sounding TV I have ever heard- it wasn't morally offensive to listen to it, but let's be real, a soundbar is not replacing a real home theater setup. Props to them for adding decent speakers to an expensive TV, but personally I would have gladly changed it out for a backlit remote Smile

TLBig GrinR- Best TV I've ever seen, and it really isn't close.

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  BabelTechReviews planning to sabotage RyZen?!
Posted by: RolloTheGreat - 02-27-2017, 08:13 AM - Forum: General Hardware - Replies (10)

I say this based on:
A. Apoppin saying he does not believe RyZen will beat intel for gaming, sight unseen. Could it be he wants review samples to further his long standing anti AMD stance?
B. Speaking of, Apoppin has literally hours of time and thousands of words of text on the net reviling AMD.
C.Apoppins attack mutt GStan shows up here to tell the world "Apoppin can speak how he will of AMD!". His other attack mutt SB has been posting about how BabelTechReviews shouldn't even soil themselves with AMD.

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  AMD has lost their marbles!
Posted by: RolloTheGreat - 02-26-2017, 07:36 PM - Forum: General Hardware - Replies (91)


Apoppin Wrote:Probably. I haven't nailed down the details yet, but I may be getting all 3 Ryzen CPUs for review. I'll get them the day of the launch, it appears (nothing absolutely certain yet).

I am pretty sure that I will still want to use my Intel CPU for my regular benching. I really doubt that Ryzen will be able to match an i7-6700/7700K at 4.6GHz in most gaming scenarios.


Why would AMD give review samples of ANYTHING to Apoppin?!?!

The guy is a NUT.

He made it his life's work persecuting AMD here and at BabelTechReviews, and now they want to trust him with NDA tech?!

Even when he says they might give him CPUs he says they will likely be worse than intel.

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  Nvidia Fanboy Murders AMD Fanboy In Argument Over Graphics Card Coolers
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 02-21-2017, 03:28 AM - Forum: Video - Replies (3)


Quote:The incident took place in the quite town of Saransk, Russia. The friends used to work together as colleagues a few years ago, and kept in touch ever since. Aleksander invited his friend for a few drinks, and both of them got drunk.

This led to the discussion about which cooler of a GPU is better, nVidia or AMD. The discussion soon took a turn for the worst and Aleksander ended up murdering his friend for claiming that AMD was better.

Although, the incident took place over an year ago, Aleksander got convicted and sentenced only recently. He was handed a nine and a half year prison sentence for the crime.

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  Amazon EVGA GTX 1080 SC Gaming ACX 3.0 For USD 560
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 02-21-2017, 12:01 AM - Forum: Hot Deals & Bargains - Replies (2)

That's the best deal I've seen yet for a GTX 1080.

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  Default forums to latest post
Posted by: SickBeast - 02-18-2017, 01:48 AM - Forum: Everything AlienBabelTech - Replies (6)

Hello Dave,

I'm sorry to trouble you, it's just I'm wondering if you can make it so that when we click on a thread, it defaults to the last page of the thread, instead of the first. I'm finding that whenever I click on a thread, I then have to scroll down, click on the last page number, and then wait for it to load. I think it would make a lot of sense to just have it go to the latest post by default. I am hoping there is a "switch" somewhere in the admin panel that you can just change.

Anyhow, just an idea. I'm not sure if you can do it. Hi

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  BlackBerry's Market Share = 0
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 02-16-2017, 10:39 PM - Forum: Smart Phones - Replies (4)


Quote:Eight years ago, BlackBerry (née RIM) was riding high. The company commanded almost 25% of the global smartphone market, a higher share than any company other than Nokia. The firm was expanding its businesses in other countries and it had ridden a wave of success to become the company most people thought of when they thought about business smartphones. Today, Blackberry’s hardware business is in ruins, with a global market share of 0.0%.

That’s the word from Gartner, which recently published its Q4 smartphone rankings. Out of 432 million devices shipped in Q4 2016, just 207,900 of them were BlackBerry OS products. This might seem like a dodge, since we don’t know how many Android devices BlackBerry sold during the same period, but I don’t think it is. All indications suggest that the Priv sold poorly relative to BlackBerry’s expectations (and even its CEO has said the phone was overpriced relative to the rest of the market). Furthermore, even if we assume BlackBerry’s Android devices outsold its BB10 devices by 3:1, that still leaves the company with a global market share of 0.19% — significantly below Windows Phone, of all things.

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  Why You Should Not Buy DRAMless SSDs
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 02-11-2017, 09:43 PM - Forum: General Hardware - No Replies

I'm really glad I went for my DRAM-equipped Crucial MX200.

Quote:Unfortunately, DRAMless SSDs also have a sinister side. Updating the map directly on the flash requires small random writes, which takes a bite out of the SSD's endurance. This is a particularly vexing issue with low endurance planar 2D TLC NAND flash. At Computex last June, one SSD vendor told us about an OEM 2D TLC SSD that will burn through the rated endurance in a little over a year. The SSD has to last a year because of the notebook's one-year warranty, but anything beyond a year's worth of use is up to the user to fix. Tactics like that are the driving forces behind putting cheap DRAMless SSDs in $500 notebooks.
There aren't any winners in our roundup today, and we don't hand out participation ribbons. For most of us enthusiasts, we shouldn’t even consider DRAMless SSDs with planar NAND. It's true that the drives are faster than a hard disk drive, but when you lean on them with a slightly elevated workload, they can stall, stutter, and deliver a worse user experience than you would get with a spinning mechanical disk.

Given what vendors told us about the endurance of this emerging category, I'd also be worried about long-term data retention. It's time to worry when a DRAMless controller manufacturer says it's possible to kill a drive in a little over a year. Until recently, SSDs have been add-on components in new notebooks. Some of them are quite expensive with a massive markup over aftermarket components. You might want to factor in the cost of an aftermarket SSD into your overall cost calculations when we start to see $500 notebooks advertised with flash-based storage.

If this sounds like a gloom and doom story so far, you should know that it only gets worse. I've told the variable BOM story more than once. It started with the OCZ Vertex when the company went from 3xnm to 2xnm NAND, and users lost a significant amount of storage space on a 120GB drive. OCZ apologized to users and said it would do more in the future to denote significant changes, which it has. Kingston suffered the same fate with the V300 when it changed from synchronous flash to asynchronous flash, but it has also been clearer about which SSDs have a variable BOM. PNY made the list after selling a drive with the same model number but sending an 8-channel controller to reviewers, and then quickly changing the BOM to a 4-channel controller for retail models.

SanDisk does not advertise the SSD Plus and Z410 as DRAMless products. SanDisk doesn’t really advertise the SSD Plus as anything other than an SSD. The variable BOM is confusing, even for me, and I do this for a living. Claiming an SSD has roughly up to 550 MB/s sequential read and ~440 MB/s sequential write performance is vague, at best. Not only does this drive lack the DRAM cache that would make it an uncompetitive entry-level SSD, but SanDisk also advertises it with nearly identical product specifications as the DRAM-equipped equivalents.

The industry jumped the gun with the DRAMless class of products. The current DRAMless category isn't a viable solution for our readers, and it won't be until we see 3D NAND shipping in volume. 3D NAND will provide enough performance and endurance to transform DRAMless SSDs into a viable category, but Micron's 3D NAND is scarce at best, and Toshiba's is nonexistent on the open market.

OCZ made the right decision and published the T100's endurance specifications. SanDisk published the Z410's endurance specifications, but likely only because it designed the SSD for business users, which often require concrete warranty terms. The SSD Plus not only sells without published endurance or random performance specifications, but it also sells as an MLC-based product at Newegg.

There was a time when DRAMless SSD products were of personal interest to me. When controller manufacturers initially discussed the idea, they portrayed it as a way to increase notebook battery life, reduce power and costs, while at the same time putting an SSD in every computer. Every company expected to have a plentiful distribution of high-endurance 3D NAND flash, and many of these SSD controllers were built with that in mind. That was three years ago. Back then, it’s unlikely that anyone would have thought about selling DRAMless SSDs with low endurance 2D NAND flash to retail customers. The vendors proposed the SSDs for special applications in light-use environments, like signage, point of sale, and industrial applications where a machine reads data back to make a few thousand parts a day but doesn't write more than a few megabytes of data in the process.

The fact that some of these products couldn't even complete an industry standard performance test tells us all we need to know.

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  Upcoming Windows 10 UI Changes
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 02-11-2017, 03:38 AM - Forum: Software & Programming - No Replies

I like what we're seeing so far.

Quote:There aren’t many details being shared about “Project Neon” right now—as the refresh was called in earlier leaks—but the new visual look will focus on animations and transitions. The basic concept is “to add fluidity, animation, and blur to apps and the operating system,” as first reported by Windows Central. The new design language also hopes to make it easier for developers to create attractive apps.
[Image: windows10projectneon-100708047-orig.jpg]

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