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  UFO flies out of Mexico Volcano
Posted by: dmcowen674 - 01-31-2017, 10:13 AM - Forum: Off Topic - No Replies


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  Nvidia Aims To Make Its Own GPUs
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 01-31-2017, 07:51 AM - Forum: Video - No Replies

Wow. Even back when there were still AMD-branded graphics cards, they were made by Sapphire.

Quote:Something pretty interesting has been happening lately, NVIDIA’s interest in its own line of Founders Edition graphics cards has been steadily rising and it has plans to continue producing them in 2017 going forward. This will of course mean that NVIDIA will be competing with its very own add-in-board partners for the market share of GeForce graphics cards. The Pascal Founders Edition variants of the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 were more expensive than the custom variants but still managed to be wildly successful.

The company plans to continue its foray into self-manufacturing a complete GeForce graphics card in 2017 (NVIDIA is primarily a chip designer and has traditionally supplied the GPU to AIBs who then build their own graphics card). Since the market has a limited size, it basically means that any additional profit NVIDIA makes from its Founders cards will have to come from the market share of their AIBs. Needless to say this will affect their profitability and I assume they wont be too happy about this.
So what does this mean for the average gamer or prosumer? Well, if their past actions are any indication this would mean that NVIDIA would continue to release the Founders Edition graphics cards to the market first, only allowing AIBs to reveal their custom variants once a certain guarantee period of sales (for NVIDIA) has passed. On the other hand, this isn’t the first time NVIDIA has used tactics like this to increase profits.

Restricting the release of custom variants for a given period of time is a fairly common thing to do for the company. The only thing that’s changed this time however, is that the Founders Edition is produced entirely by NVIDIA and is one of the glowing indicators of the company’s excellent strategic and risk management. That said, we are also fairly sure that the amount of market share NVIDIA will be able to acquire is significantly smaller than the market size and quite limited in size.

This is because Founders Edition cards are usually not built to an exacting and demanding specification (even though they may look like it) and enthusiasts will usually wait for their favorite AIB to produce a custom variant than risk buying a reference one from the green team.

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  It's Time To Abandon Third-Party AV
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 01-31-2017, 02:05 AM - Forum: Software & Programming - No Replies

Thanks to SickBeast for his positive review of Windows' built-in AV solution, it influenced me to use it myself. Turns out that it was the right choice.

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  Trump bans Muslims from 7 Countries into U.S.
Posted by: dmcowen674 - 01-29-2017, 02:14 AM - Forum: News & Politics - Replies (1)


Legal challenges mount for Trump’s travel ban from 7 Muslim countries

Civil liberties groups are challenging Donald Trump’s executive order barring all immigration from seven majority-Muslim nations for 120 days, which the president signed Friday evening. Donald Trump also temporarily canceled admissions from the entire U.S. refugee program.

On Saturday morning, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that legal permanent residents of the United States with green cards are included in the ban, and will not be allowed to reenter the country. Later, the agency said they would decide on a “case-by-case” basis. As officials raced to understand the new executive order, U.S. green card holders from Iran and the six other countries were reportedly kicked off flights, sent back to their country of origin or detained at airports.

The banned countries are Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya.

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  Apple Gets Patent For Vaporizers
Posted by: dmcowen674 - 01-28-2017, 09:51 PM - Forum: News & Politics - Replies (1)


The patent, filed by Apple employee Tetsuya Ishikawa, outlines plans for a temperature-regulated plate inside a chamber that heats up a substance to form a vapor.

Many people use vapes to inhale nicotine or marijuana, and they are sometimes used as a replacement for cigarettes.

The FDA began regulating vaping last year, and set rules for the manufacturing and distribution of vapes and their components.

Vaporizers are also used in industries like healthcare and agriculture, so it's possible Apple is thinking bigger than personal use.

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  Sandia-Based Thermaltake Engine 27 Review
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 01-26-2017, 04:38 AM - Forum: General Hardware - No Replies

There have been reviews of the Engine 27 before this, but they didn't get me interested enough to post them here because the Engine 27 underperformed. But anyway, it's hot, loud garbage.

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  Man spends $33,000 to beat HOA over $500 Mailbox
Posted by: dmcowen674 - 01-25-2017, 09:35 AM - Forum: News & Politics - Replies (1)


Man spends $33,000 to beat HOA over $500 Mailbox

In a community of million-dollar homes, a fight over a $500 mailbox ends in court

The $35 wooden mailbox Keith Strong bought in 2009 seemed charming and functional for the home he shared with his wife in a posh golf community in the suburbs of Washington. It was a newer version of the mailbox the homeowners association previously approved and had sat at the end of their driveway since the couple moved to their Bowie-area home four years earlier.

But no more than two months after Strong installed his new mailbox, he received an order to dump it — for a $500 mailbox upgrade.

The board of the homeowners association voted to require all residents in the Woodmore golf community to buy metal mailboxes, monogrammed with the letter “W” and mounted on a decorative post.

The $500 mailbox mandate angered Strong and others in the community, launching him into a seven-year fight that finally ended this month when a Prince George’s County judge signed, sealed and delivered a ruling that the board of the Pleasant Prospect Home Owners’ Association overstepped its bounds with its postal pronouncements.

It’s a victory that cost Strong $33,000 in legal fees — roughly the price of 66 of the new bronze-colored mailboxes.

But the battle was worth the expense, according to the solar physicist who works with NASA.

“It wasn’t just about a mailbox,” Strong said. “The issue really here is property rights. If they were granted this power, where does this stop? It also opens up the whole community to other possible abuses of that power.”

Strong and his wife, Yvonne, who had just had solar panels installed on the roof of their home, worried that if the association went after the mailbox, the solar panels could be next— improvements that cost thousands of dollars.

Ruth Wright, a real estate agent who fought the new mailbox rules, also filed a lawsuit against the board. She said she was certain the association didn’t have the right to tell her to pay for the new mailbox, but she eventually relented, fearing the $100 monthly fine would mount and blemish her financial record.

Strong kept his wooden mailbox, argued at community meetings that the board did not have the authority to enact the change and began racking up fines for being out of compliance.

The homeowners association offered to buy his mailbox and waive a portion of the fines. Meanwhile, Strong wanted to take the fight to a mediator in the Maryland attorney general’s office.

After years of back and forth, the case wound up in court, with a three-day trial before Green in May and his decision months later.

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  World War III
Posted by: dmcowen674 - 01-21-2017, 11:22 PM - Forum: News & Politics - Replies (4)

World War III thread

This will be the first time America starts a World War.

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  Q6600 Is Obsolete
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 01-19-2017, 06:29 AM - Forum: General Hardware - Replies (2)

But the i5-2500K is still going strong.

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  Valve Refuses To Let Unigine Superposition Benchmark Off Steam Greenlight
Posted by: SteelCrysis - 01-18-2017, 10:39 PM - Forum: Software & Programming - No Replies

Valve is perfectly alright with absolute garbage like Desert Gunner getting onto Steam from Steam Greenlight. But a GPU benchmark from a respected developer that reached the number 1 rank in Steam Greenlight? No way!

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