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Surface Book 2 Battery Drains While Gaming - SteelCrysis - 11-22-2017
Quote:When Microsoft announced its refreshed Surface Book 2 last week, it was quite clear about how it wanted to position the product. “This is a desktop,” Panos Panay, Microsoft’s corporate VP of devices, declared. “For many, this is likely the most performant desktop they have ever seen.” Apparently Panay was working with a different definition of “performant” than the rest of us, however, because the Surface Book 2’s true stand-out feature this time around isn’t the hinge, upgraded GPU, or its generally high performance: It’s that Microsoft’s latest and greatest literally can’t game on AC power without draining the battery.

That’s the word from Mark Hachman at PCWorld, who tested the “desktop” in a variety of conditions. With Windows 10 and the Fall Creators Update, users have a slider they can use to set their preferred battery optimization and performance level, from “Best Battery Life” to “Best Performance.”