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FCC cracks down on Verizon Wireless for using ‘supercookies’
FCC cracks down on Verizon Wireless for using ‘supercookies’

Quote:Under the terms of a settlement agreement announced Monday, Verizon must pay a $1.35 million fine and will only be able to use the tracking mechanism when users connect to Verizon's corporate family of services unless the company gets customers' opt-in consent. Broader use could leave customers' Web habits visible to outsiders.

Good to see FCC come down on Verizon, but not good to see that it's only a slap on the wrist...   $1.35 million??  That's probably not even enough to cover the legal fees on FCC's side, with all of their high-waged public servants (lawyers).  I think $10 million would've still been a slap on the wrist, so why the heck did FCC settle down for pennies?
That's what I'm wondering too.
I'm not sure that my nose is that great, but what it smells like to me is that Verizon bribed FCC with all of that gathered customer information/data.  FCC said, ok, but you still have to cover the baseline legal fees ($1.35 million), and we still have to publicly "banish" it according to the demands of American Democracy.

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