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The tremendous ambitions behind New York City’s free WiFi
the WiFi kiosks, known individually as Links, offer a proof-of-concept for a wider planned network of some 7,500 hotspots across the city.

NYC already has free wifi at many of the subway stations, and there's also 3G/4G signal in most of the subway tunnels. 

So much better than metro Washington DC's WMATA subway system - once the train goes underground before even entering the DC boundary, there's absolutely no cellular signal.  Zero wifi anywhere, either. 

That's why I hate riding the metro here in DC area.  It's either boring or torture.

Looks like NYC will have free wifi pretty much everywhere across (and there's already plenty of free wifi over lots of Manhattan). 

For example, at one of the many subway stations in Manhattan, the powerful wifi signal reaching all across the station delivers more than 50-60mbps as measured with speedtest.  It's insane, and so nice for those who have to wait 30+ minutes after midnight.  NYC is a fun place to visit, if you know how to enjoy the city.

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