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Toyota's hydrogen-fueled car

Just saw this at a car show in NYC..   my jaws completely dropped!

Can't wait to see one of these cars explode someday (of course, with nobody inside, hopefully)!

But imagine - a HIGHLY COMPRESSED tank of hydrogen (see how fast that balloon exploded - a blink of the eye would miss several of those!)  The car would probably vaporize like in a H-bomb!  

Anyway, can't wait until hydrogen becomes the fuel of choice - clean fuel, just as cheap as gasoline (for the miles per gallon), right?  The filling up time is just as quick as with gasoline pump at a gas station.  Breathtaking!! 

Arab countries will take a beating in the next 20 years - perhaps gasoline will drop to below $1 per gallon, or go up to over $10/gal, since we'd still need gasoline for many things??
[Image: car-safety.jpg]
Now on California roads!

MSRP of $57000 is a bit steep though..  (as usual with new stuff)

151HP, but powerful 247 lb-ft torque   312 mile range on a single fill, 5-minute filling time.
Sounds really good. I look forward to hydrogen-fueled cars rising up.

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