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NYC terror attacks
I have to say that the police that apprehended that terror suspect today are absolute *heroes* and you guys should be extremely proud of your law enforcement in the USA. I know that recently the FBI even stopped an attack here in Canada. To catch this guy this fast is absolutely incredible. Awesome job and don't forget, we've got your backs up here! Cool
Thanks, man. In the USA, our screening people do a great job of keeping out Muslims who happen to be violent. Especially if you compare us to Europe.
People bitch about NSA and loss of privacy, but how else are they going to catch these "people"?

It's a different world we live in, and I want my family safe more than I care about whether some program goes through my communications.
I wouldn't mind seeing minor reforms of the NSA, but the people who rage against it more than it deserves activate my contrarian side.

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