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Comcast raises Broadcast and Sports Fee $48

Comcast Raises Controversial 'Broadcast TV' and 'Sports' Fees $48 Per Year

Comcast began charging these fees a few years ago, which have risen quickly. Just over a year ago, Comcast raised the Broadcast TV fee from $3 to $5 and the Regional Sports fee from $1 to $3. The two fees have thus gone from $4 to $12, combined, in little more than a year. Comcast customers recently sued the company, saying that Comcast falsely advertises lower-than-actual prices and then raises rates by tacking on these two fees.

Comcast falsely portrays these fees as being required by the government, the proposed class action lawsuit said. Charter is facing a similar lawsuit. Comcast says the fees recover a portion of the price it pays broadcast networks and regional sports networks to air their content. But paying for programming is simply part of the cost of doing business as a cable TV provider, and programming costs have always been passed on to consumers in their cable TV bills. By charging fees separately from basic rates, "Comcast has found a way to secretly and repeatedly increase the monthly price it charges for its channel packages" even when customers are supposed to be getting a flat rate during a contract term, the lawsuit said.
It's wrong that these so called Fees are tacked on but this Corporation as well as the rest own the U.S. Government so at this point there is nothing that will be done about it until the citizens of the Country revolt.
Que reproaching from Rollo because Dave dared to call for a revolution. In any case, hopefully the FCC makes them back down before Chairman Tom Wheeler leaves.

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