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BlackBerry's Market Share = 0
Quote:Eight years ago, BlackBerry (née RIM) was riding high. The company commanded almost 25% of the global smartphone market, a higher share than any company other than Nokia. The firm was expanding its businesses in other countries and it had ridden a wave of success to become the company most people thought of when they thought about business smartphones. Today, Blackberry’s hardware business is in ruins, with a global market share of 0.0%.

That’s the word from Gartner, which recently published its Q4 smartphone rankings. Out of 432 million devices shipped in Q4 2016, just 207,900 of them were BlackBerry OS products. This might seem like a dodge, since we don’t know how many Android devices BlackBerry sold during the same period, but I don’t think it is. All indications suggest that the Priv sold poorly relative to BlackBerry’s expectations (and even its CEO has said the phone was overpriced relative to the rest of the market). Furthermore, even if we assume BlackBerry’s Android devices outsold its BB10 devices by 3:1, that still leaves the company with a global market share of 0.19% — significantly below Windows Phone, of all things.
In this day of Tech it is amazing how fast something can rise and how fast can drop.
BlackBerry was horribly mismanaged. Their CEO was a total idiot. This is what happens when the people at the top don't know what they are doing. They spent a huge portion of their cash reserves purchasing an OS company when Android was free (and better) all along. By the time they went with Android it was too late and they had no money left to really do anything other than become a software, encryption, and security company. It really bothers me. I feel really bad for the people still left working there. Morale must be really low. This is just another example of a great Canadian tech company going down the tubes. Prior to this was Matrox and then ATi. At one point Canada had some great technology companies. It seems like that day may be gone. I really think there was corruption involved at ATi, and the sale to AMD was partly to cover that up. The other reason was greed. I often wonder what would be happening at ATi right now had they not sold themselves off to AMD. Remember, they owned what has now become the Snapdragon CPU, used in millions of phones around the world. Had they focused on graphics who knows what they could have done. These CEOs make more than hundreds of workers combined and yet quite often they don't even know what they're doing.

You know what is sad? Their forums have more posters than BTR and ABT combined.

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