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SickBeast, out of curiosity....
What did your memory and CPU overclocking efforts net you for gaming?

The reason I ask is that back when I used to benchmark games I found out quick the only way to really noticeably bump my performance was with more GPU power as the settings I ran would always make my GPU(s) the limiting factor.

Being at 4K I'd think you would be in the same position?
I'm sure it makes a difference in some games.  I have to test it more.  The biggest difference I notice now is in memory benchmarks and other tests like Cinebench.  I will try to do some testing and get back to you.  I'm kind of fanatical when it comes to getting all the performance I can out of my system.  I figure if I can get more performance for free, why not.  So far this is what I have done:

- overclocked my i5 4690k CPU to 4.2ghz at 1.1v
- overclocked my CPU cache to 4ghz at stock voltage
- overclocked my DDR3 RAM to 2400mhz at 11-13-13-31 timings at 1.65v
- overclocked my GTX 1070 to +100mhz (core) and +500mhz (memory)

Note that my GTX 1070 was already overclocked out of the box so my settings just overclocked it further.

I did notice that my GTA5 benchmarks in particular went up when I overclocked my CPU from 4.2ghz to 4.6ghz.  There was pretty much a linear gain.  It was small but it was there.

The thing is, I did some reading and at 4.6ghz my CPU is consuming around 60 more watts under full load compared to 4.2ghz.  Plus the idle power consumption is higher by around 10 watts.  I just didn't think the extra speed was worth it, at least not yet.
Rollo I have made a discovery in GTA5:

CPU 4.2ghz
CPU cache - stock
DDR3 1600
min 33
max 57
avg 45.4

CPU 4.2ghz
CPU cache - 4ghz
DDR3 2400
min 38
max 66
avg 50.4

I gained 5fps with the faster RAM and the overclocked CPU cache. I'm sure there are more games that would show a benefit.

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