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Major points:
  • They're continuing to work on RAM speeds
  • They're confident in being able to improve the Ryzen architecture with Ryzen 2
  • They think that Ryzen's extra threads give a smoother framerate in games
  • They're confident in increasing Ryzen's GHz
  • Ambiguous about X399
  • It's uncertain if AM4 will get revisions to support DDR5
  • BIOS updates to support DDR4-3200 arrived for most motherboards on April 11, more BIOS updates to further improve RAM speed are scheduled for May
  • Ryzen 7 CPUs are binned
  • Ryzen supports ECC RAM, but it's up the motherboard to implement ECC support
  • They're aware of demand for standalone Wraith coolers
  • 1600X is a Ryzen 7 with one core disabled per CCX and 16 MB L3 cache
  • The Athlon brand will be used for CPUs below Ryzen 3
  • No plans for Optane support: "In its current form for consumer desktop, Optane is basically an SSD cache drive with a maximum (pitiful) 32GB of storage. They don't even recommend pairing it with an SSD because you wouldn't notice a performance difference. They suggest you pair it with a mechanical hard drive. Lots of hype and little substance."
  • "There's a lot of cache FUD out there about Ryzen, and a lot of people are making assumptions based on limited info. Just keep an eye on actual reviews. As we ramp up the platform and get rid of bottlenecks like memory speed, we get faster. And I can confidently say Ryzen is a lot faster than the Phenom II out of the box when it comes to gaming."
  • As for HBM on the CPU: "We're definitely considering different HBM implementations, but we haven't announced anything I can talk to. In a lot of ways the Zen architecture gets more impressive as you provide less power. I can't comment on unannounced laptop parts, but there are great things coming!"
TPU points out this that I overlooked:
"Vega performance compared to the Geforce GTX 1080 Ti and the Titan Xp looks really nice."

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