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144 Hz vs 240 Hz
There still is a noticeable difference, although it's subtle.

Quote:To get the big question out of the way, I could definitely see a difference when swapping between 120Hz and 240Hz, but it wasn't a huge one. While playing Overwatch, further away movement and quick turns pretty much looked the same, but the fidelity in Zenyatta's basic attack animations close to the screen showed an impressive improvement. My mouse felt snappier at the high frame rate as well, so there were definitely differences, but not life changing ones.

The bigger issue to me is that reaching 240Hz means both monitors had to sacrifice 1440p and the option to have an IPS panel, not to mention I had to turn down graphics settings to hit frame rates that high at all. The TN panels were also really painful to see after using IPS monitors at home and work, and the colors in Overwatch on the BenQ monitor particularly looked very muddy. If this sort of frame rate is seriously important to you then the options are there, but I'm not sure it's worth those sacrifices to me personally for what are marginal but noticeable gains.

We'll be getting some 240Hz monitors in for more extensive testing than can be done on the floor of a busy convention soon, but until then consider the video above my first impressions of some bleeding edge monitor tech.

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