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Well documented Canadian UFO sighting
Dave I thought you would be interested in this:

I found it quite fascinating, particularly the part about the radiation and also the 15' wide swath where all the vegetation was dead. If that was a hoax it was pretty elaborate, I really don't see how the guy could even do all that.
Quote:At the landing site was a circle about 15 feet in diameter, devoid of the moss and vegetation growing in other areas of the same rock outcropping. Soil samples, along with samples of clothing, were tested and deemed to be highly radioactive.

So were pieces of metal that were chipped out of cracks in the rock about a year after the incident. The metal had somehow been melted into the cracks.

Many of the items have long since been lost as they were transferred through various authorities and agencies. However, Rutkowski and Michalak still have one of the pieces of metal, which remains radioactive.
That seems to be a landing but a small craft. Perhaps a scout or sort of a shuttle craft.

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