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Eye-Opening Net Neutrality Articles
A superb argument that net neutrality is not only unnecessary, it's unenforcable. And the supposed "outrages" that "justify" it are vastly overblown.
If the VP from AT&T is right in his interpretation, and it looks right to me, then the courts have flat out said that Title II doesn't stop ISPs from blocking and throttling at will, as long as they make it clear that they will do so.
In fact, the courts have flat out deferred judgement to the FCC on whether broadband is telecommunications.
It's not just anti-net neutrality groups that have been astroturfing. 20% of the pro-net neutrality comments from the recent FCC public commenting session are fake, many of the fakes have come from the EFF, and there is the disturbing possibility that the EFF knowingly used email addresses that were stolen from databases.
I really doubt the EFF would do that.

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