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5nm GAAFET Is On The Way
Quote:IBM, Samsung, Global Foundries, and other equipment suppliers from the IBM Research Alliance announced the development of the first 5nm chip using a gate-all-around FET structure. The news comes two years after the alliance announced the development of the world’s first 7nm chips, which should enter production next year.

Samsung recently revealed that it plans to develop a 4nm GAAFET chip, too, but we don’t know yet when it’s going to be available.
All of these combined seem to have made it possible to develop 5nm chips that are ready for mass production. Not only that, but the 5nm chips also promise a 40% increase in performance or a 75% reduction in power consumption over the 10nm process technology currently in use by Samsung. Even though we may not see such 5nm chips on the market until 2021 or later, the improvement still looks significant.

IBM also said that a 5nm chip could be made out of 30 billion transistors, a 50% increase from the 20 billion transistors the company announced for its 7nm chip two years ago.

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