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25 TB And 50 TB SSDs
Quote:In the meantime, we can put our eyes on Viking Technology, so as to see that a halo SSD product can achieve amazing storage capacity in a standard form factor. The company has just started selling their UHC (Ultra High Capacity) Silo Series, which leverage SK Hynix's MLC NAND (if the capacity doesn't put your $ klaxons running, the use of MLC should.) The SSDs leverage a 6 GB/s SAS interface, and deliver 500 MB/s read and 350 MB/s write speeds. The manufacturer says these can sustain up to 60,000 IOPS on random reads, and 15,000 IOPS on random writes. These may sound low in high-performance terms (and they sort of are), but remember these are products geared for the enterprise market. Pricing wasn't (maybe smartly) disclosed. I believe I'd laugh maniacally should I know how much they cost. However, if you must have a high-capacity SSD, you know where to look for.
Quote:Viking hasn't listed pricing, but it certainly falls into the "if you have to ask" category. Considering today's prices, we're looking in the range of $18,000, and that's before the enterprise markup. Data centers are steadily moving to higher-density SSDs, but a 50TB SSD is still sure to be a rarity. Viking also offers a 25TB model if you can't pony up enough cash for the flagship.

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