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ExtremeTech Is An Unmoderated Wasteland
It has been proved that if you actually give a shit about moderating a community, the quality of the comments improves. This lesson is lost on ExtremeTech, which has become an unmoderated wasteland. Spambots run wild, and nothing is done about them. Flagging in Disqus does absolutely nothing, since the authors never check the comments on their own. I had to directly email one of the authors just to get an antisemitic slur against me removed.

And here's the latest example. Over 300 comments, and the vast majority of them are from the battle between me and a no-life, narcissistic, living in his mommy's basement troll named Daniel Glass. Multiple emails have been sent to the author asking him to actually spray some troll repellent for once, without the common courtesy of me receiving a form letter response. Also, the obligatory spambot runs wild in the comments.
Yeah I wouldn't be spending any time there with those three idiots running amok. Thumbsdown
Unmoderated, eh??

Perhaps I will go there and try to sell Xboxes....curses, the jig is up!

I think I am a member on ExtremeTech, didn't even know that place was still around.
No-life, narcissistic, living in his mommy's basement troll Daniel Glass is at it again, defending the indefensible.
Greedy cryptocurrency miner Nic Pittman proving once again that ET is an unmoderated wasteland. And the obligatory spambot too.
And now Nic Pittman is using a blatantly obvious sock puppet "ZWFXY" whose only comments are in this comments section.

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