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I Hate HTTPS. Here's Why.
I hate HTTPS. I hate going to the Internet Archive. So many of its webpages are broken thanks to HTTPS. They will not load in Firefox. They will not load in Chrome. No matter how many times I hard refresh with Cntrl+F5, it won't solve the issue. The admins are responsive to reports of the issue, but there are so many broken webpages that I can't report them all, and usually don't report them at all out of frustration. I hate going to Encode dot ru to look at the place. I can't get past the home page, since its subforum pages are broken and will not load, thanks to HTTPS. I sent an email to the admin, and haven't gotten the common courtesy of a response. Hathi Trust Digital Library webpages will occasionally refuse to load thanks to HTTPS, though unlike the other websites, refreshing the webpage solves the issue.

Emailing the admin is not the solution to the problem. You are at the mercy of finding the admin's email address. You are at the mercy of your email not getting caught in the spam filter. You are at the mercy of the admin giving a flying fuck about the fact that their website is broken.

I used to be a supporter of HTTPS, as I like having secure web traffic. Not anymore. HTTPS just adds one more thing that can go wrong. There is enough that can go wrong with web traffic as it is, without HTTPS making it worse for us.
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