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Guru3D's View Of SSD Speed
I read this and thought its conclusions about SSDs speed are good material for discussion:,19.html
Quote:Going from a HDD towards an SSD is made such a huge difference. Going from a fast SATA3 SSD towards NVMe M.2 again is a faster step, but admittedly a far less less to notice one, as a regular SSD is already loading your data in a split second. Access times with HDDs always have been the biggest bottleneck, that mechanical head positioning itself on the platters was eliminated. With the introduction of SSD that massive latency issue was completely killed off, and that's where 90% of the performance benefit was found. So the big question remains how fast do these SSDs really need to be ? It is a discussion that will be interesting to see in the coming years. Honestly I think the trend will be NVMe with more capacity, 99.999% reliability and endurance (TB Written) as main factors being decisive.

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