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Compute Server/Space Heater Combo
Quote:Update: Qarnot has updated their page with AMD Ryzen 7 support for its 3 computing units, so it's not limited to Intel offerings. You can see the before and after screenshots on the bottom of this article.
In a move that is sure to bring the cozy, homely warm feeling back towards the space heater concept of yore - who doesn't remember AMD's mocking videos of NVIDIA's Fermi architecture - french company Qarnot has announced their third-generation iteration of a product which is sure to change the Kelvin and Celsius degrees in the computing space. The French company has decided to not let go to waste the (until now) waste heat generated by computing hardware on execution of workloads, and has instead decided to capitalize on those "wasted", byproduct degrees as means of reducing company's and users' heat bills. Their Q.rad concept takes what is usually seen as a drawback in hardware (the amount of waste heat it generates) and turns it into a net positive, by making sure that the heat generated is put to good use in increasing the otherwise chilly temperatures you might be facing.

Their Q.rad sensor makes use of three cloud-enabled Intel Core i7 processors @ 4 GHz frequency - perhaps Ryzen didn't make the cut since it is comparatively more energy efficient per core - as a way of building computing blocks that double as radiators. As Qarnot crunches data (typically, 3D rendering and VFX for film studios), its Q.rad provides up to 500 W "soft heating power" to your home. Reusing heat in such a manner reduces Qarnot's carbon footprint and provides free heating for homes and offices, and also reduces Qarnot's server space overhead, so both parties benefit. This is basically a company thinking outside the box at an old problem, and figuring out an elegant, Columbus-egg-type solution that is obvious, but hadn't been thought of yet.
Qarnot makes a cryptocurrency mining version:

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