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DDR5 Discussion Thread
Quote:DDR5, the natural successor to today's DDR4 memory that brings with double the bandwidth and density versus current generation DDR4. along with delivering improved channel efficiency, is expected to be available in the market starting 2019. JEDEC, the standards body responsible for the DDR specifications, says that base DDR5 frequencies should be at around DDR5-4800 - double that of base DDR4's 2400, but a stone throw away from today's fastest (and uber, kidney-like-expensive) 4600 MHz memory kits from the likes of G.Skill and Corsair.
On this, Rambus' vice president on product marketing, Hemant Dhulla, had this to say: ""To the best of our knowledge, we are the first to have functional DDR5 DIMM chip sets in the lab. We are expecting production in 2019, and we want to be first to market to help partners bring up the technology." On the time still ahead before market introduction of the technology, Dhulla said"(...) it's just a couple quarters, not a couple years…Everyone wants a fatter memory pipe."

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