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Samsung GDDR6 & 8 TB SSD
Quote:For perspective, if Samsung is already producing 16 GT/s GDDR6, that means its chips are performing quite a bit better than expected at this stage. Back at Hot Chips, the company said to expect 14 GT/s from its GDDR6 memory chips when it begins mass production of the new graphics RAM next year. GPUs using the new RAM could enjoy an easy doubling of bandwidth compared to today's 8 GT/s GDDR5 for the same capacity: 512 GB/s for an 8GB card, compared to 256 GB/s for cards like the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti. They'll also need less power for the memory subsystem, if Samsung's claim of 1.35 V operation for GDDR6 holds. Today's GDDR5 RAM needs 1.5 V in typical operation, according to the company.
Quote:Samsung also announced a NGSFF (Next-Generation Form-Factor) SSD solution, which "dramatically improves the storage capacity and performance of 1U rack servers," which allows for I/O speeds at 0.5 petabytes per second. Measuring only 30.5mm x 110mm x 4.38mm, the drive also improves space utilization and scaling options in hyper-scale datacenter servers.

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