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Wafer Prices Set To Rise
Quote:South Korean SK Siltron and Japanese SUMCO, both wafer manufacturing companies, are reporting expected 300 mm wafer pricing to shoot up by 20% YoY - with a corresponding increase in overall revenue for both companies. SUMCO, for one, are adjusting pricing of their silicon wafers to correspond to demand (read, higher ASP), this is done through long-term supply and demand contracts with major semiconductor manufacturers on yearly, semi-annually, and quarterly prices. An interesting side-note here for economies of scale and pre-set pricing, with companies that take more portions of the available supply achieving better pricing than smaller companies (it's a winner's market, after all.) These facts have led SUMCO to expect its best performance of the last 10 years (since the global financial crisis of 2008).
If wafer prices rise too much manufacturing would return to the U.S.

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