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FCC Ends Net Neutrality with "Restoring Internet Freedom" Act

FCC Ends Net Neutrality

"Restoring Internet Freedom" fact sheet (pdf) makes it clear that the FCC is pushing for a full repeal of not only net neutrality rules and protections, but the Title II classification of ISPs as common carriers that underpins the FCC's authority over broadband providers. It is, by any measure, a grotesque example of crony capitalism run amok, and a blatant hand out to the nation's uncompetitive broadband duopolies.
Unfortunately this ruling drags Canada along for the ride with it. Terrible news. Huge corruption in the corporate world and our politicians are nothing but shills for them, more often than not.
How is Canada dragged in?
Because most of the sites we use are US based. The infrastructure also.
Sounds more like an opportunity for enterprising Canadians
Maybe. I doubt it will happen though. The corporate world appears to be opposed to net neutrality. As consumers and internet users there is not much we can do about this even if we care and we want to. This is 100% a government issue, and it's the reason why governments exist. They need to put a stop to it.
12-14-2017 FCC Officially ended Net Neutrality today.

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