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Xbox One X Competitive With Equally Priced PC At 4K
Forbes did a 2-part article in 2014 arguing that the PS4 and Xbox One were already out of date because they didn't support 4K:

The Xbox One X and PS4 Pro proves that he was right, since they focus on at least providing some 4K capability. The Xbox One X with its FPS performance and graphics at 4K or checkerboarded-4K is competitive with an equally-priced PC with a Kaby Lake i3 and a 1050 Ti. With that, the days of people coming up with PC builds for the same price as consoles that also outperform them are over, at least for now. But there is something that suggests a short life for the Xbox One X: its GPU is probably equivalent to an RX 580, so it's equivalent to a mid-range GPU, just like with the PS4 and Xbox One.


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