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HP Goes Superfish
Quote:Heads up, HP users. It appears the $3.5 million Lenovo verdict was not enough of a spyware deterrent for HP, as it now appears the company is installing spyware on its computers without asking permission from users.

The culprit software is called HP Touchpoint Analytics Service, with the latest client version being It is described on the official HP site:

Quote:The HP Touchpoint Manager technology is now being delivered as a part of HP Device as a Service (DaaS) Analytics and Proactive Management capabilities. Therefore, HP is discontinuing the self-managed HP Touchpoint Manager solution.

However, users are up in arms about the stealthy install, saying that the spyware is causing some severe slowdowns and CPU drains in the operation of HP PCs. The HP support site is being flooded with some not-so-glowing reports, such as this one from PurplePassion22:
I will have to see if this is on my laptop
On a somewhat related note, HP forgot to remove a diagnostic keylogger:

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