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AMD Releases Downgraded RX 560
Quote:The phenomenon of Radeon RX 560 graphics cards with 896 stream processors is more widespread than earlier thought. It looks like RX 560 cards with 896 stream processors will be more widely available than the previously thought Greater China region; with AMD silently editing the specifications of the SKU to have either 896 or 1,024 stream processors, as opposed to the 1,024 it originally launched with. There are no clear labeling guidelines or SKU names to distinguish cards with 896 stream processors from those with 1,024.

The Radeon RX 560 and the previous-generation RX 460 are based on the 14 nm "Polaris 11" silicon, which physically features 16 GCN compute units (CUs), each packed with 64 stream processors. The RX 560 originally maxed this silicon out, with all 16 CUs being enabled, while the RX 460 has two CUs locked. The decision to change specs of the RX 560 effectively makes it a re-brand of the RX 460, which is slower, and provides fertile grounds for bait-and-switch lawsuits.
Quote:We reached out to AMD for comment, and the company confirmed the spec change.
Quote:"There are two variants of AMD Radeon RX 560," stated a company representative. "End users will definitely need to double check specs on variants. Typically the RX560 14cu version will sell lower than 16cu version, [and the] 14cu version will have lower power consumption.This allows our GPU partners to offer differentiation between different SKUs for different power and pricing segments."

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