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Is ABT under attack?
ABT is loading *extremely* slowly for me now. I know gstanford mentioned that it seems like someone might be trying to take over ABT. There is a new Wikipedia page about ABT also. Do you know anything about this, Dave?

ABT has been stable for months now. This slowdown seems quite unusual.
Gstan probably thinks its my viral marketing apocalypse!
I don't see it loading slow but I'll do a cache refresh anyway.

The wikipedia page was setup Jan 5 2011

Stable for months? It's been on this web host at least 3 years now and haven't seen any instability on this one.
It's fine now. It was just the other day. It was brutal.

gstanford mentioned that he thought perhaps someone was trying to register as you and take over the forum, Dave. You could ask him why he said that.
Are people blind or something?!

Notice our newest member?  One "dmcowen"?  Notice how the name appears there in blue, like a regular member, not in green like an administrator.

[Image: Clipboard01.gif]

The real Dave McOwen here is "dmcowen674" and always has been as you can see in the member list.  He appears green when his name is shown on the forum too.

[Image: Clipboard02.jpg]

Interestingly the new "dmcowen" shows up as green/admin in the member list now, but didn't a day or so ago in the member list and if they are online they showed up blue (regular member) in "who's online".
Adam knew he should have bought a PC but Eve fell for the marketing hype.

Homeopathy is what happened when snake oil salesmen discovered that water is cheaper than snake oil.

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It was me. I was having trouble setting up FTP so I made a 2nd account.
Hmm. Are multiple account allowed? What do you think guys? Dave could be in a lot of trouble here. ROFLMAO


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