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Nvidia BFGDs: Big Gaming Monitors With G-Sync
Quote:Nvidia announced its big format game display (BFGD) initiative at its CES 2018 conference, and the first products are already here. Essentially a 65” 4K TV with G-Sync and an embedded Nvidia Shield, a BFGD will be the ultimate PC and gaming TV.

Aside from being the largest G-Sync screen you can get, the BFGD initiative is Nvidia’s take on what a TV should be. Starting with input latency, it’ll almost certainly have the lowest you can get for a TV, which will be a boon to traditional console gamers. G-Sync will do double duty to improve regular-film picture quality by removing the need for interpolation when the source material’s frame rate doesn’t match the TV’s refresh rate. Finally, the embedded Nvidia Shield not only takes the place of whatever smart OS a traditional TV has to handle content streaming, but also provides Nvidia GameStream and GeForce Now support.

For now, all BFGDs will have the same Nvidia-approved 65”, 120Hz, 4K IPS panel with DCI-P3 color gamut and full-array backlighting. Presumably, this is the only panel Nvidia deemed worthy and with a wide enough refresh-rate range for G-Sync HDR. This means that every BFGD will be more or less the same product until another panel is approved. Still, at least those specs can compete against the best current HDR10 TVs and monitors. And the first BFGDs aren’t going to come from any traditional TV maker; instead they’ll be coming from Acer, Asus, and HP.

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