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Asus Bezel-free Kit: Linking Multiple Monitors
Quote:According to Asus, 130 degrees is "the angle determined through extensive testing to provide the best viewing experience." Connecting the displays via the long lens strips at that angle allows light to be refracted across the area that would house the screens' bezels, and the image from the connecting monitors to be blended together to create the illusion of a bezel-less, seamless screen.

Of course, it's not a perfect solution and the brightness of the image displayed by the lens strips is clearly different to that produced by the LEDs in the screen, but it is a useful solution that helps bring that tiny bit of extra immersion while gaming on your massive setup.

Since the kit uses no power or special tools beyond the magic of light refraction, it is compatible with a wide variety of monitors of different brands and sizes. Pricing and availability is unavailable at the moment, though Asus did promise the Bezel-free Kit will be available for purchase sometime in 2018.

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