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Alexa and Google invade privacy

Alexa and Google invade privacy

Is Paid Prioritization the New Privacy?

We are being tracked online by Google, Facebook and others, and often stalked by items we once viewed but didn't buy -- or even that we have already purchased. Now many of us are coming to terms with the reality that our smartphones or in-home assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home are listening intently to what we discuss and using those discussions as the jumping-off point to bombard us with new ads.

The first time it happens, it comes as a shock: A friend of mine and his wife were discussing a specific vitamin supplement one of them had used years earlier in recovering from an injury and the next day, both had ads for that vitamin pop up on their newsfeeds. They immediately disabled the microphone access on their smartphone apps.

Research shows, however, that many people, especially millennials, shrug their shoulders and move on, willing to give up privacy for convenience. And I'm willing to bet that over time, the majority of folks accept some "big brother" aspects to all this intelligence, if they feel it benefits them in the long run. Not everyone, mind you, but most.

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