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Valve Returns To Game Development
Give the rest a read too.
Quote:Valve hasn't had a major game release since the launch of Dota 2 in 2013, and Portal 2 from 2011 was the last single-player game that came out of the studio. But with Valve's game drought set to finally come to an end with its upcoming trading card game Artifact, we could be seeing even more games from the studio before long.

During the Artifact presentation given to the press today, Valve president Gabe Newell confirmed that the studio will be pumping out games again, saying that "Artifact is the first of several games that are going to be coming from us. So that's sort of good news. Hooray! Valve's going to start shipping games again."

While Newell did not go into the specifics of these unannounced games, in previous talks, he had said that the studio was working on three full VR games. We will have to wait and see if the new games that Newell mentioned will be VR titles, or something different entirely. Also, the Kerbal Space Program development team is under the Valve umbrella now, and we have yet to see the project it is working on.
Valve has bought Campo Santo:
This claim is nothing short of laughable. If you want to develop games, and you only have 360 employees (, you do not need to achieve more than $4.3 billion in annual revenue ( To put this in perspective, that's close to the $4.845 billion that EA pulled in last year, despite EA having 9,300 employees as of this posting ( ( Also keep in mind that EA's revenue figure probably counts DLC and microtransactions, while Valve's revenue figure doesn't.

When you read the complaints that he supposedly "refutes", keep in mind that this is the first time in 5 years that Valve has actually developed a game (the last time was Dota 2 in 2013), and that we have no indication whether Valve will actually develop a new IP (Artifact is a Dota 2 spinoff). The last time they developed a new IP was Alien Swarm in 2010.
Quote:Explaining Valve's lack of new releases in recent years, Artifact programmer Brandon Reinhart suggested the company's behind-the-scenes work on improving the experience on Steam was part of its investment for the future. With that investment now yielding returns, he continued,
Quote:"Now we're in a place where we're able to, as a company, invest and focus a lot more on games again... The answer to 'you're just sitting on your butts, sitting on a pile of money, swimming around the gold vault,' is to not actually do that. To deliver a bunch of high quality games that show we're actually working really hard."

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