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Leagoo Phone Malware
Quote:In a post on its website, the firm starts off by addressing its letter to its users and friends in the media. It claims that the reports that surfaced are false and that it would like to clear the air. The firm stresses that despite infections being detected on its phones in early 2017, these were in fact, false detections caused by certain APKs on the handsets that were intended for advertisements. Since that time, the firm has updated its Android OS to address the issues so that false detections will not take place anymore.

Furthermore, Leagoo will now be taking legal action against the media that published reports of infections being present on its handsets, stating that the new report that surfaced towards the beginning of the month has caused damage to the company's reputation. In closing, the firm states that the issues that are detected on its phones are caused by "different virus detection mechanism and algorithm between Chinese and foreign anti-virus software" and that all its phones are tested for viruses prior to shipping out to customers. But, to make sure that it will not have issues in the future, it will "integrate the foreign algorithm" into its virus testing process.

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