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Kim Wilde thinks aliens are disappointed with humans

Kim Wilde thinks aliens are disappointed with humans

While appearing on 'Loose Women' on Monday (03.12.18), the 'Kids in America' hitmaker said: "I believe aliens are here already, and have been for a long time.

"They have been keeping an eye on us for a long time, and are in despair because of the way we treat each other and the planet.

While on the UK TV show, the singer also recounted a time she saw a UFO in the sky while she was relaxing in her garden with her husband, Hal Fowler.
She said: "It was in 2009. I was in our garden with my husband and a friend.
"Helicopters and a bright light came towards us. Maybe they were after someone. But then they left.
"The light remained behind a cloud in the sky and everyone thought I'd been on the pinot grigio.
"I'd been in A&E all night but that's a long story. I was looking up and it moved from 11 o'clock to two o'clock and again and again, then a smaller on joined it.
"My husband went running in to find something to film it, but I felt compelled to watch it. It inspired me.
"It was a UFO. I can't believe I saw it."

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