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Ice Lake Thread
Quote:TDP is being shown as increased with Intel's Ice Lake designs, with an "up to" 230 W TDp - more than the Skylake or Cascade Lake-based platforms, which just screams at higher core counts (and other features such as OmniPath or on-package FPGAs).

Digging a little deeper into the documentation released by the PSA shows Intel's Ice Lake natively supporting 8-channel memory as well, which makes sense, considering the growing needs in both available memory capacity, and actual throughput, that just keeps rising. More than an interesting, unexpected development, it's a sign of the times.
Quote:Apparently, the 300-series chipset, led by the Z390 Express, will support Intel's 9th generation, 10 nanometer "Ice Lake" silicon with 8 physical cores. The generational successor to the i7-8700K will hence be an 8-core/16-thread chip. This also presents Intel with an opportunity to make its next Core i5 parts either 8-core/8-thread or 6-core/12-thread, and Core i3 either 6-core/6-thread or 4-core/8-thread.

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