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Firefox Will Have Sponsored Content
I want my browser, not sponsored content. Angry
Quote:This wouldn't be the first time Mozilla is attempting to push ads through its browser; back in 2014, the company attempted to introduce a feature called 'Tiles' that utilized user data in order to display sponsored websites on Firefox's homepage, plans that it quickly scrapped upon user backlash.

The play Mozilla is making here comes with several assurances to protect user privacy - the company promises that even though the sponsored content will be personalized, all user-data will remain on the user's computer and won't be sent off to a server, with the company reiterating that all of its code is open-source, so any suspicions on how their data is being used can be assuaged by simply taking a peek at the code.
This new system will first be tested on a small subset of users in the U.S., and will then gradually be rolled out worldwide afterwards.
You can turn it off entirely if you wish:

Quote:By default, Firefox will track which recommended sites you visit, and how often each recommendation is shown. This is part of the browser's broader tracking of technical and interaction data. Firefox users that don't like these recommendations can disable them entirely. It's also possible to retain the recommendations in general but disable specifically those stories that are sponsored. Advertisers will be told the aggregate click-through rates for their stories but not fine-grained, personal information.

Easy to follow instructions here:
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Thanks, gstan.

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