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T-Mobile - Sprint Merger thread

T-Mobile and Sprint announce definitive plan to merge

The Sprint, T-Mobile Merger Will be a Job & Competition Killer

Karl Bode  -

Sprint and T-Mobile have formally announced their latest attempt at a merger nobody asked for.

According to the anouncement, the two companies have entered into a definitive agreement to merge in an all-stock transaction estimated to be worth $26 billion. It's the third attempt at a merger in the last five years, after the companies' 2014 merger attempt was blocked by regulators due to anti-competitive concerns, and last year's attempt was derailed after the two sides couldn't agree on who should run the merged company.

Previous efforts to combine the two companies were blocked for a reason.
One, despite claims that the two companies will create a stronger competitor for AT&T and Verizon, that's not how competition (especially in telecom works). The reduction in major competitors from four to three will only reduce the incentive among the remaining three companies to truly compete on price. Especially in a wireless sector that had already been backing away from promotions so far in 2018.
The deal is also assuredly going to be an American job killer. Jonathan Chaplin of New Street Research predicted that as redundant positions are eliminated at the merged company, the result could be a net loss of “approximately 30,000 American jobs” -- more people than Sprint currently employs.
This thread is for discussions about the T-Mobile/Sprint merger.

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