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Wasabi Mango Delivers World's First Buyable 4K 120 Hz Monitor
Quote:If you're doubtful that a little Korean company could beat Asus, Acer, and everyone else to the punch, check out this YouTube video from a Korean user. The owner uses Blur Busters' TestUFO website and a slow-motion camera to demonstrate that the monitor is truly refreshing at 120 Hz. The video's fairly definitive proof that the monitor lives up to that claim. The Blur Busters blog is actually where we found out about this monitor, so thanks to Mark and the crew for pointing out the UHD430.

If you're keen to get one of the first 120-Hz 4K monitors for yourself, head on over to eBay. As of this posting it's currently selling for $1399 there. The UHD430 hasn't shown up on the company's Amazon or Newegg stores yet, but it's likely to appear there sooner rather than later.
The review is here:


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