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Google Virtually Ends "Don't Be Evil"
Quote:Google released an updated code of conduct, which for the first time in almost two decades removed almost all mentions of its “Don't be evil” mantra. The code of conduct embodies a company's values, principles, and ideals, so removing the "Don't be evil" motto from the code may give us a hint towards the direction in which Google is going.
The new code of conduct no longer centers around this motto, making almost no mention of it, except in passing at the very end of the multi-page document.
In an older TED talk, Simon Sinek, a marketing consultant and author of “Start with Why,” raised the issue of companies needing to give their customers and users something in which to believe - a purpose that aligns with its user base’ motives and ideals. He argued that this is what pushes everyone, both employees and customers to make the company truly great.

This is what makes a company such as Apple so loved by its customer base, and it’s what has made many love Google for its “Don’t Be Evil” ideals in the past. All of that could be in jeopardy, if Google plans to renounce its "Don't be evil" ideal.

We’re already seeing how the company’s “cool new technologies” are no longer received with just praise and optimism, but also heavy criticism and skepticism. This trend could worsen to Google's detriment if more people start believing that the company is no longer looking after them or trying to do good with its technology, but just willing to do anything to chase a profit.

Don't be evil has been Google's corporate identity for the longest time, but now that's no longer true. Whether or not we'll like this new Google that can't commit to not being evil anymore remains to be seen, but some of its latest moves already point to an increasingly worrying direction for the company.

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