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Nvidia At Hot Chips Discussion Thread
Quote:Looking at the Hot Chips' Symposium program, the detailed section for the first day of the conference, in August 20th, lists a talk by NVIDIA's Stuart Oberman, titled "NVIDIA's Next Generation Mainstream GPU". This likely means exactly as it reads, and is an introduction to NVIDIA's next-generation computing solution under its gaming GeForce brand - or it could be an announcement, though a Hot Chips Symposium for that seems slightly off the mark. You can check the symposium's schedule on the source link - there are some interesting subjects there, such as Intel's "High Performance Graphics solutions in thin and light mobile form factors" - which could see talks of the Intel-AMD collaboration in Kaby Lake G, and possibly of the work being done on Intel's own work on high-performance graphics technologies (with many of AMD's own RTG veterans, of course).
Quote:The annual Hot Chips conference is where the industry gathers to hear deep dives about the highest-performing silicon for a range of applications, and Nvidia appears poised to present information about its next gaming graphics chip at 2018's symposium. The conference will run from August 20 to August 21 this year, and part of the proceedings on day one of the event include a presentation by the green team called "Nvidia's Next Generation Mainstream GPU," given by vice-president of GPU ASIC engineering Stuart Oberman.

That date suggests Nvidia will tease or launch its next-generation gaming chip earlier in the summer, a possibility corroborated by reports from Tom's Hardware that the green team plans to launch purported Turing cards in July of this year. The site's sources suggest Founders Edition Turing cards could get a hard launch in July, while partner cards with the new silicon could launch in August or September.

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