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Jensen Q&A At Computex
Quote:1:50AM ET: Jensen is recapping, opening the floor for questions. No next-gen GPU announcement yet.

1:55AM ET: Q. Is the processor in Jetson the same as Xavier? A. Yes, similar architectures for Jetson, Xavier, Pegasus, HGX-2, DGX-2. Insures  end-to-end architecture that eases programming.

1:50AM ET: Q. Which is better, PUBG or Fortnite? A. Jensen says both are great.

1:50AM ET: Q. Is GPU supply normalizing? A. Yes, supply has stabilized.

2:02AM ET: Q. How long until autonomous machines come to market, and what excites you the most? A. Autonomous vehicles are the first wave, will reduce accidents.

2:06AM ET: Q. When will real time ray tracing come to the mainstream? Still requires four Volta V100's to run now. A. Will take some time to shrink the compute power down to a smaller device. Game developers and film editors can use this now to speed image production, eventually it will come to the mass market.

2:10AM ET: Q. Hint when we might be able to run 4K 120Hz on a single card? A. Jensen could predict it, but he won't.

2:11AM ET: Q. When is the next GeForce coming to market? A. A long time from now. Jensen promises he will invite us out for the launch.

2:13AM ET: Q. The industry is moving towards heterogeneous CPU+GPU processing. Where does that leave Nvidia? A. Huang says that the best ratio of CPU and GPU compute changes based on the workload, so disaggregating the two resources is best.
Quote:Now, the question is, is Jen-Hsun being honest, or playing a bit of a game? It’s always hard to call these situations, but if we had to guess, we’d say the cards still point to a GPU launch in the next few months. There are several reasons why. First, Jen-Hsun isn’t going to say anything to sabotage the sale of existing Pascal cards, which are still moving off store shelves briskly as the cryptocurrency market cools down and the gaming market likely picks up some steam as a result. It wouldn’t be surprising for GPU sales in Q2 to be above standard seasonality as a result of deferred demand from the holiday and spring, where prices were so extraordinary high end GPUs were selling for more money in the retail channel than the cost of an entire self-built gaming PC.
As for when we might see a next-generation Nvidia launch, we’re still thinking end of the summer sounds most likely, but it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that the company could push things back farther. With relatively limited competition in the GPU market these days, Team Green simply isn’t under a lot of pressure to introduce a new round of consumer cards. We still think Pascal’s age will likely tip the scales in favor of an updated card, but if things should slip into the fall, it wouldn’t really represent a challenge to the status quo.

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