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Gigabyte Shows Off Fish Tank Case Mod
Quote:There’s no protective barrier separating the 3M liquid below from the water and the fish above it. But the density of the cooling liquid keeps the fish (and their leavings) safely in the water above, and a carbon filter system installed on the side keeps the environment clean, just like any other aquarium setup.

To further ensure the safety of the fish (and the submerged PC, we suppose), a custom cooling system using a trio of in-line CPU coolers pumps the 3M liquid out of the system for cooling and temperature monitoring, making sure the water above the liquid remains an optimal temperature for the fish living above. If the 3M liquid got too hot, it would turn into a gas and bubble up through the water. That would probably be bad for our finned friends, but the water would likely heat up to deadly levels before that happened anyway. Let’s hope Gigabyte was extra careful about choosing reliable components for this setup.

We’re always wary of situations like this where animals could be subjected to unhealthy or dangerous conditions for the sake of some wow-factor at a tech trade show. But we were told by Gigabyte that these fish had been living happily in their unusual home for two months so far, and that not a single swimming resident had died.

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