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Windows 10 Adoption Has Possibly Stalled
Quote:We first heard that Windows 10 is on nearly 700 million devices back in March, in former Windows chief Terry Myerson's farewell letter. Microsoft almost said it was over 700 million at Build, and then rolled it back. In June, the company actually did announce that Windows 10 is on over 700 million devices, and later said that was an accident. In short, this is a mess.

But what's even more curious about this is what Microsoft actually means by "nearly". After all, we've been at nearly 700 million devices for almost four months, so growth of the OS install base is either completely stagnant, or Microsoft has been very loose with the word "nearly".
Unfortunately, Microsoft isn't very transparent about these types of things. It's not like we can go and check how many active devices are actually running Windows 10, so we'll just have to wait for a formal announcement when it happens, and hope the company doesn't roll back that announcement.

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