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Intel Discontinues Several Xeon Phi Models
Quote:Intel's plan was to release a new generation of Xeon Phi called "Knights Hill", on a 10 nanometer process. However, constant delays ramping up 10 nm, paired with generally low demand for Xeon Phi, forced the company to abandon this project. Now the company announces that they are stopping production for eight currently shipping Xeon Phi models.

Affected are Xeon Phi 7210, 7210F, 7230, 7230F, 7250, 7250F, 7290 and 7290F, which are socketed CPUs that go into accelerator designs. The accelerator cards using a graphics card-like form factor were already cancelled a while ago. Interestingly, the change notice mentions "Market demand for the products [...] have shifted to other Intel products"... yeah, well, these products don't exist at Intel. The company has nothing comparable in their lineup, and the only successor I could think of is the GPU project that Raja Koduri and his minions are working on, which is expected not before 2019, probably later.

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