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10-20-2018 Web Host Server Crash
10-20-2018 Web Host Server Crash

This is David posting on debi's computer. I'm having trouble logging in under Administrator.
The web host restored to this point from a backup.
I can't click on anything in the admin pages, it crashes. Wordpress is back up though.
What do you think about the old wordpress part being back up?
It's good to see it back up.
OK, I'm on a new Desktop at home. For some reason I cannot see or get to the site properly on my laptop after that server crash. As soon as I move over the FTP program I'll see if I can get into the admin.
11-6-2018 - I am now able to see and get to the site on my main laptop but still can't do anything with the admin pages.
Making progress slowly.

I am now able to get into the admin section of the Forum software. Not making any changes but mainly making backups.

I am still not able to get into the admin section of Wordpress. The page doesn't even show up, completely blank.

So while the database was restored by the web host not able to do anything with Wordpress yet at all.

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