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Samsung Sues Brand Ambassador For Breach Of Contract
Quote:Russian politician, TV anchor, and actress, Ksenia Sobchak, is being sued by Samsung for violating a brand ambassadorship contract that specifies she must use the company's phones exclusively.

The development took place as a result of Sobchak using an iPhone during a TV appearance. While the Russian starlet was conscious enough of her obligations to make an attempt to hide the phone's identity using a piece of paper and her hands, she was ultimately unsuccessful.

Samsung's lawyers noticed the slip, and are now suing her to the tune of 108 million Russian rubles ($1.6 million) for the breach of contract. Sobchak, a known socialite, is also reported to have used an iPhone at social events and TV appearances previously, and it seems Samsung is now saying enough is enough. The company has also faced similar difficulties with other brand ambassadors - like Adam Levine and David Ferrer - using iPhones instead of Samsung-made phones.

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