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Interstellar object may be alien
Dave I am posting this primarily for you. I am quite convinced that this object is an alien craft of some kind. I will share my reasons below. Here is the link to the story:

There are skeptics, but I have to say I'm extremely disappointed with our Canadian scientists at U of T Scarborough. Such a simplistic POV. They are saying things about solar wings and such, as if an alien species would somehow require or use human technology. The fact is, this is the *first* interstellar object to enter our solar system. Not only that but it appears to be metallic/reflective, and it is the correct shape to be a spacecraft. Have you guys ever seen a rock, comet, or asteroid of that shape? I haven't. Then there is the fact that it took a near perfect course to make a close flyby of earth and then also use the sun as a slingshot to launch it toward its next destination. Plus it accelerated *and* changed course as it left. They say comets can accelerate by venting gas but this object was missing most of the features of a comet.

IMO there are way more signs pointing toward the fact that this object is alien in nature than there are signs that it is not.

They now know for certain that we are here. I'm not sure how long it will take them to get here, but we may be on borrowed time as a species. A craft of that size may be able to take over the earth depending on the quality of their technology.

This may also be related:

I wonder what they don't want us to know about, and why.
This was the object I posted about in the summer when they cut off the feed from a couple of the Observation Satellites both in Orbit and on the ground and even posted the Military. Like you said don't know how a natural object like a comet or Astroid would change course like this thing did.
Dave I hope all is well with you. Anything new?
Pretty much same here. How are things up north? Must be cold, we are going into the 20's here and 2 snow storms lined up this weekend.
(11-09-2018, 09:27 AM)dmcowen674 Wrote: Pretty much same here. How are things up north? Must be cold, we are going into the 20's here and 2 snow storms lined up this weekend.
Yeah it's getting cold and gross. But I bought my son a pair of skis and I'm looking forward to taking him out for some fun on the slopes. We're also thinking about setting up an ice rink in our backyard. We have snowshoes also. But I *am* counting down until the spring, to be honest. I probably like tech so much because of all the time cooped up indoors due to bad weather.

It's ok though. I like it here. My family is here and we are quite close. I've got a good little life set up up here so it's hard to complain.

I haven't even looked at the weekend forecast here yet. I'm putting the snow tires on my car on Saturday.

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